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Recruitment in the tech industry has become very difficult. Talent is scarse and job opportunities are everywhere. A software developer receives between 6 to 7 job offers per week on average. They are rockstars!

Companies without a strong employer brand find it very difficult to hire great developers, fast. Usually a hiring process can take between 3 to 6 months, depending on the role, sometimes more.

The best way to get the best tech talent fast, is to work with the best tech recruiters.

Great tech recruiters can find the best developers in the market that make a great match your recruitment need.

Devflow is the biggest online community of great tech recruiters.

Through a unique set of exams, we asses every recruiter on their knowledge about the tech industry, coding languages and the different roles in software development. This way we make sure only the best recruiters join our platform.

 Some benefits of using Devflow recruiters:

Accuracy: Great recruiters will help identify and connect with the best talent available for a given rol, making much easier to find the right people to fill the role.

Efficiency: Experienced tech recruiters know which are the right skills for every role that needs to be filled. This is why they are more accurate in finding the right talent for every vacancy. 

Candidate satisfaction: Great recruiters understand how candidates think and feel.  This will increase customer satisfaction and probability of successful hiring.

Speed: Hiring is done much faster thanks to the collaboration of the recruiter throughout the hiring process, such as interview coordination and candidate feedback follow-up.

Looking to hire? Send us an email and we’ll connect you with the best recruiters to fill your vacancies.

What We Do…?

We Connect tech companies and startups with the top IT recruiters from Latinamerica.

To get the best tech talent, you need the best tech recruiters. Devflow is a curated network of experienced IT recruiters that will help you get the tech talent you need.

A challenging market

On average a software developer receives between 6-7 seven job offers per week. They are the “rockstars”. They won’t come to the job, the job needs to come for them. This is why tech recruiters are key to find and hire the best tech talent.

Why we create DevFlow

We aim to be the biggest recruitment community and source of tech talent for startups and tech companies, globally. All based in human interaction plus powerful sourcing and hiring tools.

Who do we help?

We mainly help companies looking to hire remote or onsite developers in Latinamerica: Front-ends, Full-stacks, Back-ends, Data-scientists. Our recruiters are ready to find and source any kind of tech talent you need.


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